Bonding and Grounding


All University of Chicago employees, students, and contractors involved in the operations of mixing, pouring or pumping of all flammable and combustible liquids between conductive containers shall use proper means of reducing the potential of static electricity discharge by means of proper bonding and grounding practices.

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Authority and Responsibility

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:

  1. Surveying areas within University buildings for bonding and grounding needs; and
  2. Ensuring all departments within the University are following proper bonding and grounding practices during Fire/Safety and Laboratory Inspections.

Facilities Operations and Physical Plant are responsible for:

  1. Installing or facilitating the installation of proper bonding and grounding equipment when the need is identified by Environmental Health and Safety.

Employees and contractors are responsible for:

  1. Complying with all aspects of this program;
  2. Becoming familiar with the flammable and combustible liquids used and their flashpoint risks;
  3. Becoming familiar with proper bonding and grounding practices; and
  4. Reporting all bonding and grounding needs to Facilities Operations.

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All bonding and grounding shall be installed in accordance with Chapter 77 “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity” of the National Fire Protection Association and Chapter 15-24 “Flammable Liquids” of the City of Chicago Building Code.

Information on the installation and the recommended practices of bonding and grounding can be obtained by contacting Environmental Health and Safety at 773.702.9999.

Reviewed: March 2019

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