After you answer 'Yes' or 'No' to each of the questions below and click the submit button, you will receive a list of safety training classes you are required to take.

1. Are you a University employee, faculty, or staff member?
2. Will you enter the steam tunnels or perform maintenance or housekeeping in mechanical rooms or storage areas in buildings constructed before 1990?
3. Do your job duties require excessive (more than 50% of the time on a daily basis) or heavy (greater than 30 pounds) lifting/lowering?
4. Will you change out fluorescent lamps or ballasts or do you manage the storage or disposal of fluorescent lamps, ballasts, or batteries?
5. Does your work require the handling of, the potential exposure to, or supervision of work with human blood, blood products, body fluids, or other potentially infectious materials (e.g., school nurse, athletic trainer, police officer, building engineer maintaining sump pits)? Note: If you work in laboratory do not take this course. Contact the Office of Research Safety.
6. Do you manage, enter, or work in a confined space (e.g., manhole, tunnel, enclosure)?
7. Have you been identified as essential personnel in a role related to the security of hazardous materials (e.g. Laboratory Facility Manager or dock personnel in laboratory buildings, Police Officers)? Note, this class is not required for laboratory personnel.
8. Do you conduct minimal work near or with electrical installations?
9. Do you work on or near exposed energized parts?
10. Would you like an overview of basic office ergonomics?
11. Does your work require use or supervision of equipment or conditions that create a potential fall hazard (edge is more than four feet off the ground/floor)? Accessing roofs, climbing mechanical equipment, or using stage rigging are typical tasks which require fall protection.
12. Will you operate a forklift or power industrial truck (e.g., motorized pallet jack)?  
13. Do you operate any electric or gas powered grounds equipment?
14. Will you work with or near chemicals (e.g., perform maintenance or custodial tasks; receive chemicals on a dock or in facility; enter mechanical spaces, large institutional laundry operations, or shops such as art, theater, or maker/fabrication spaces)?
15. Do you conduct work on a ladder?
16. Will you be working with equipment that could potentially release hazardous energy (e.g. electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic)?
17. Will you generate, package, handle, or ship potentially infectious waste (red bag or sharps waste)?
18. Will you generate, package, handle, or ship potentially infectious waste using the oversized Stericycle 360 carts in the Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery or the Carlson Animal Resource Center?
19. Will you work in a machine shop or maker space or do you work with wood or metal working machines?
20. Do you wear personal protective equipment (body, face, eye, hearing, foot, or hand protection)?
21. Do your job duties require the use of a respirator?
22. Will you oversee construction or renovation projects in buildings which are owned or operated by the University of Chicago?
23. Are you engaged in the storage/handling of oils OR the operation and maintenance of oil-related equipment, such as hydraulic elevators and emergency generator fuel tanks?