Determine What Training You Need

After you answer 'Yes' or 'No' to each of the questions below and click the submit button, you will receive a list of safety training classes you are required to take.

1. Are you a University employee, faculty, or staff member?
2. Do you have the potential to disturb asbestos material as a result of your job duties?
3. Do your job duties require excessive (more than 50% of the time on a daily basis) or heavy (greater than 30 pounds) lifting/lowering?
4. Do you conduct work inside a biological safety cabinet?
5. Does your work require the handling of, the potential for exposure to, or supervision of work with human blood, blood products, body fluids, or other potentially infectious materials?
6. Do you work in a laboratory?
7. Do you work with or transport compressed gas cylinders?
8. Do you enter or work in a confined space (e.g., manhole, tunnel, enclosure)?
9. Have you been identified as essential personnel (e.g., laboratory facility managers, dock personnel, police officers, public safety) having a role with hazardous materials (e.g., assisting waste contractors, receiving or delivering chemicals)?
10. Do you conduct minimal work near or with electrical installations?
11. Do you work on or near exposed energized parts?
12. Do you operate a keyboard more than half the time on the job?
13. Does your work require use or supervision of equipment or conditions that create a potential fall hazard (feet are more than six feet off the ground/floor)?
14. Do you operate a forklift or power lift?
15. Do you operate any electric or gas powered grounds equipment?
16. Do you use or store hazardous chemicals outside of a laboratory as part of custodial or maintenance activities?
17. Are you exposed to noise greater than 85 decibels as an 8 hour time-weighted average at least once a year (85 decibels requires raised voice for conversation in a work environment)?
18. Do you conduct work on a ladder?
19. Do you use or supervise the use of lockout/tagout devices to prevent the release of energy or unexpected startup of equipment during repair, maintenance, installation activities or construction, including renovation and demolition?
20. Do you wear personal protective equipment (body, face, eye, hearing or hand protection)?
21. Do your job duties require the use of a respirator?
22. Are you a Facility Manager, Project Manager or Supervisor involved in renovation and/or construction projects?
23. Do you work with radioactive material in a research laboratory setting?
24. Are you an authorized radioactive material user?
25. Are you engaged in the act of shipping hazardous materials including any of the following: preparing, shipping, receiving, materials handling, transporting of hazardous materials, or signing potentially Infectious Medical Waste Manifests or Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests?
26. Do you ship diagnostic or clinical specimens, infectious substances, genetically-modified organisms, or dry ice?
27. Are you engaged in the operation and maintenance of oil-related equipment such as hydraulic elevators and emergency generator fuel tanks?
28. Are you assigned to serve as the Fire Guard, Stage Fireman for Mandel Hall, International House, and Max Palevsky Cinema?