Reporting an Accident or Incident

The University of Chicago requires all work-related accident and incident reports to be submitted immediately to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Office of Research Safety (ORS) via the UCAIR System.

UCAIR should not be used to report COVID-19 exposures or confirmed cases. Please submit these to

More information about UCAIR is available in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Click the envelope above to access the accident incident form.

In the event of an accident (emergency):

  • Step 1: Call UCPD at 123 or 773.702.8181 to ensure proper emergency response procedures are triggered (i.e., on-call safety offices and on-call engineers are paged)
  • Step 2: Submit a report via UCAIR. EHS or ORS will initiate root‐cause analysis within 24 hours of report.


Accidents are defined as unanticipated event that results in an injury, illness, hazardous spill/release, or significant property damage.

  • Fatality
  • Injury/Illness requiring medical attention
  • Emergency equipment used (eyewash, extinguisher)
  • Laboratory exposures
    • Chemical
    • Biological/Needle stick
    • Animal bite/scratch
    • Laser
    • Radiological
  • Chemical spill OR oil spill
    • Hazardous/toxic
    • Too large for spill kit
    • Entered drain or impacted university grounds
  • Confirmed fire/explosion
  • Significant property damage (Flooding)
  • Odor complaint leading to building evacuation or occupants struck ill

In the event of an incident (non-emergency):

  • Step 1: Submit a report via UCAIR. EHS or ORS will initiate root‐cause analysis within 24 hours of report


Incidents are defined as a close call/near miss that has the potential to escalate to accident status.

  • Minor injury, no medical attention needed or self applied first‐aid
  • Minor chemical spill
    • Non‐hazardous
    • Addressed with spill
    • Drain nor grounds were impacted

Routine Safety Concerns

A routine safety issue or concern should be submitted to EHS.

  • Mildew or mold concerns
  • Indoor air quality complaints/nuisance odors
  • Chemical storage, handling, or emergency procedures
  • Policy or regulatory clarifications
  • Job safety analysis/risk

If your safety concern is related to asbestos abatement please complete an Asbestos Request Form