The EH&S Assistant (EHSA) training module provides safety lecture course registration, online safety training courses, training profiles, training histories, certificates, and it will send notifications when training is due.

Registration for lecture courses can be found on the EHSA training registration website (

  • Select "Register" next to the course you would like to attend;
  • To view the courses you have registered for select "My Registered Sessions";
  • To view your training records, select the "Training Records" folder above your name in the top left corner.

To meet your training requirements through the online modules, please use the following instructions:

  • Enter the EHSA Online Training Module (;
  • The courses required for your job type will filter to the top of the list (blue for completed and red for overdue); and
  • Click on the "Start" icon next to training you would like to complete and your course will begin.

User Guides

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