Office of Research Safety (ORS)

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) collaborates regularly with ORS on all matters of laboratory safety. ORS serves as the primary resource for research laboratory safety including research labs (on campus and within the University of Chicago Medicine) and teaching laboratories. ORS provides deep subject matter expertise and helps ensure that research is in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and meets the safety conditions required by funding agencies. ORS is composed of experts in chemical, biological, radiation, and laser safety. In addition, the Office of Regulatory Compliance for Laboratory Programs, which administers the Institutional Biosafety Committees and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is part of ORS. ORS can be reached as follows:

Office of Research Safety

Biological Safety

Chemical Safety

Radiation and Laser Safety

University of Chicago Medicine Environmental Health and Safety (UCM EHS)

EHS also works closely with UCM EHS through consultation on University employees working within the University of Chicago Medicine including the reciprocity of safety training. Our goal is the development of ongoing collaboration through shared resources and information in promotion of a strong safety culture. 

UCM EHS can be reached as follows:

773.795.SAFE or 773.702.1733

Office of Risk Management

EHS works closely with the Office of Risk Management to reduce risk of adverse events that affect people, property, and the mission of the University by utilizing processes in place to identify, assess, manage, and monitor risk. Risk Management manages the University's insurance and self-insurance program and oversees related claims.

Risk Management and Internal Audit can be reached as follows: