Safety Training Academy


General safety training can be achieved through our Safety Academy format which is a better way of scheduling, presenting and ensuring regulatory compliance for required safety training. Essentially, Environmental Health and Safety will offer all mandatory classes periodically throughout the year, provide easy on-line registration with classes being available at the beginning of each quarter, and establish a central location for class participants from any department to attend. For assistance in identifying training needs for a particular job classification, please view our Master Training Class List.

Registration Process

To register for a class:

  • Go to The University of Chicago’s Training website;
  • Choose “Safety”;
  • Click on the course you would like to attend;
  • Scroll down to the section which lists the specific date, time and location of the class;
  • Click on “Register” to the right of the appropriate date;
  • A registration screen will appear with the course you clicked on at the top of the page;
  • If this is the correct class, click on “Add course to your list?”;
  • To register for additional courses for the same employee, click “Look for more courses?”;
  • When you have added all the courses “In your list” that you want to register an employee for, click “Complete your registration request?”; and
  • Complete the registration form for your employee and click “submit”.

Note: If there are no participants registered for a class, the class will be canceled. All employees must be registered to be able to attend the class.

On-Site Training

Environmental Health and Safety will provide on-site training for any required class provided the department can guarantee a minimum of 50 participants and will schedule the training location. For additional information, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 773.702.9999.